Why Hijab?

This has become such a common question, especially because I’m a revert. Everyone, including fellow Muslims ask me “What made you wear Hijab?”. So after being asked it so many times I’ve mastered the answer!

I DO NOT wear hijab because my father/husband/brother or any other relative in my family asked me to.

I DO NOT wear hijab to fit in.

I DO NOT wear hijab because I am oppressed.

I wear Hijab because I want to and honestly I really (I can not stress this enough!) like it. My hijab (and I’m referring to my head cover now) is one of my favorite accessories now. And sure it does cause me some trouble in terms of people asking me questions, people looking at me funny, people judging me, etc. But I really don’t care! And I fail to understand why it’s such a big deal. If I were to wear a Bikini and walk down the street I would get the same treatment (well maybe a little more drama coz it is South Asia). So am I oppressed and forced to wear a Bikini? Isn’t me wearing a head cover and covering my own body the same thing? Why am I allowed to uncover my body but not allowed to cover it up? I just simply don’t understand it.

Alahmdulillah the country I live in is quite tolerant. It’s multicultural and it’s normal to see Hijabs all over the place. So the issues I have to deal with are less. But I can see that the way your treated is different. I don’t get guys whistling and hooting at me anymore. I don’t feel watched by gangs of men every time I go out. I don’t feel people giving me a head to toe scan when I walk in to a room. I definitely see people respecting me, almost a little scared of me (not in a bad way). I feel safe.

Before walking in to a market full of men, I would get looks, whistles, people would sing, and talk loudly as to get my attention. But now Alhamdullilah, even I was amazed when I walk they actually move aside and give me room. They actually lower their gaze seeing me.

I wear Hijab because I feel like it and Alhamdulillah it has been amazing. I hate not being able to wear it some times, especially with my family. But I try to wear it as much as possible. Mashallah I don’t have anyone to ask me to cover my body. I do it for myself because I control what others see of me. I make sure I’m not an object of lust. I make sure I am judged on my abilities and not my skin, waist, hips, legs, cleavage, or whatever else people look at.

It’s done wonders for my self esteem as well. I used to constantly feel a little self conscious, now I don’t. I’m a lot more confident.

I’m not allowed to cover my hair with my family, so I wear my Hijab once I leave home. Probably a couple of people see me without my head covered but I don’t let it bring me down. My theory is, Allah (SWT) has given me this opportunity and strength to wear it, and as long as I can prevent AT LEAST even one non maharm from seeing my hair I WILL wear my Hijab.

Inshallah in the future I will be able to wear Hijab as much as I want and when ever I want. Till then I manage with what I have.



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