Sisters judge not!

An increasingly worrying thing is the judging that goes on between sisters. It’s quite disgusting to be honest. I’ve seen it from all aspects and I pray that Allah (SWT) guides these sisters and I pray that Allah (SWT) allows me to remain humbled and kind towards other sisters, whether they are hijab wearing, niqab wearing, or not.

Pre-reversion I was able to experience how people treat you if your not muslim or if your not wearing a hijab. I was backwards towards Muslims because as almost everyone does, I judged Islam based on the actions of the people. I saw how the hijab wearing sisters looked down on me and made me feel like I was nothing. Now of course not all sisters are like that, and to be fair I used to sport jeans and t-shirts as my wardrobe. But honestly it made me not like them, worse it made me not like Islam. Alhamdulillah Allah was merciful enough to guide me and show me that these sisters were not an accurate depiction of Islam or a good Muslim.

After reversion I still wasn’t comfortable with my Muslim self. I still dressed like a non-Muslim because I had to keep it a secret from everyone. I tried to sort of make the transition from non-Muslim to Muslim. But I was shocked and hurt at how people look at you. I was welcomed by very (and I mean VERY) few sisters and brothers. Most looked at me with doubt. Meanwhile I still got the “oh look at her wearing jeans, she’s not as good as us hijab wearing people” look.

The point I’m trying to make is that, those looks were uncalled for. I was a practicing Muslim, granted I could not wear Hijab (honestly because my parents would have literally thrown me out), but I still prayed 5 times a day, I still fasted, and I still exerted effort in trying to better understand Islam. People are still shocked when I tell them I’ve been Muslim for almost 4 years (Alhmadulillah!). People started believing I was Muslim only after I started wearing hijab.

Unfortunately I still get judged, why? Because I wear my hijab in a different style. It’s according to sunnah and the practice of Islam, but I drape the hijab, and I don’t wear it in the common style Sri Lankan sisters wear it.

WHY??? why all the judging? Who are we to tell that a non-hijabi sister isn’t as good as a hijabi sister? who are we to judge what is the appropriate style of hijab? who are we to judge other creations such as ourselves? What exactly gives us the right?

We should not pass judgement on other sister. The simple truth is we will NEVER know a person intentions. In no way can we guarantee that we are better than other sisters. It’s all up to Allah (SWT) for it is only he who knows the true intentions of a person. We need to love our sisters and be an inspiration to them. We need to show everyone (muslim and non-muslims alike) that Muslim women are kind, generous, and pious. Frankly we need to stop with the attitude! We can be proud that we are Muslims (Alhamdulillah), but we shouldn’t look down on those who have not been so fortunate. It is our duty to guide them and to show them what a beautiful and cruel free religion Islam is.

While I hope all my sisters wear hijab I respect and love them either way. To me a muslimah is a muslimah, what ever fault. I am posting this so that people will not forget that we should not judge others, at the same time it is a reminder to myself to stay humble and to judge myself to make myself better, before passing judgment on others.



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