Lost and Found

Subhanallah! I just realized how lost I used to be, and how perfectly content I am now. It’s all thanks to Allah (SWT). No one understands me, loves me, protects me, or is there for me like him. No matter how much my friends and family care about me, (and don’t get me wrong I care a great deal about them too but) no one can make me feel the way I feel now. Allah (SWT) has inspired me, he’s thought me to forgive, he’s protected me and has been there for me when I needed him, he’s been so patient with me, and even though I acted like a complete spoiled brat he still shone his mercy on me. Allah (SWT) saved me.

Correction Allah (SWT) keeps me safe. He saved me when I was losing myself and on the path of self destruction by bringing me to Islam, and since then he is saving me everyday from temptation, from doing wrong, and from those who wish ill on me. No one saw the pain that I was in, no one can ever understand it. He (SWT) saw it, he saw me and he helped me when no one else did. Since coming to Islam I can definitely see the difference in me, I think back and wonder why I was so lost and so horrible. I wasn’t a bad person but wasn’t that good either. Alhamdulillah! I am better now. I have been shown my mistakes and I am trying to fix myself, better myself. Inshallah I shall become the person Allah (SWT) intends me to be.

I don’t have the world in my hand, but I don’t need it because I am in Allah (SWT)’s hands. I am perfectly content with my life and I can honestly say that I have never been happier. People can say that I was stupid to convert to Islam and believe in god. They can feel sorry for me because I have complete discipline in my life, because I don’t go out clubbing and drinking, and because I cover my body with hijab. But why would you feel sorry for someone who is so happy? If what I did was wrong, why I am happier than those who have everything? Why do I feel so content even though others pity me?

Today I am independent of others and only dependent on Allah (SWT). Even if everyone leaves me I still won’t feel lonely because I know Allah (SWT) is with me. I know where I belong, I belong in Islam, in the hands of Allah (SWT). Inshallah I pray that I remain with him and return to him as a Muslim.

Allahu Akbar!



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