Inspiration from a Brother

This thought has been working in my mind for so long and I just had to get it blogged! It just acted as such a source of inspiration to me today.

This brother (who is one of my good friends) in order to better himself and strengthen his iman quite smoking awhile back and, Alhamdulillah he has been doing great after going cold turkey. As a person who is VERY pro anti-smoking (Yes I do lecture/debate friends and family on this topic) I understand how difficult it is to quite such an addictive habit. The other day I watched as he sat with all his friends. They all had cigarettes in their hands and blew smoke in to the air, and it just blew my mind because Mashallah he was so strong. He was the only one not smoking and he didn’t even flinch. It really made me wonder if I would have had the same strength if I was in the same situation.

So from what I saw,

1. I felt proud to know such a strong brother. I felt proud of him!

2. It made me realize the struggle he’s going through, the struggles we all go through.

We all go through our very own little jihads (*Jihad being a struggle). We don’t realize it but we have millions of brother and sisters around the world who fight against struggles everyday and, Alhamdulillah win! Whether it’s waking up for Fajr prayers, wearing a hijab in public, walking in a crowd wearing a niqab, or in this case resisting the temptation to smoke, we all struggle. So now every time I feel lazy and think that I can pray later I remind myself of that Brother and how he fights, which then allows me to see that I should fight against my temptations too.

I pray that Allah rewards this Brother with the very best in this world and the here after! I pray he gives him strength and protects him from temptation! and I pray for all my brothers and sisters around the world who struggle each and everyday. May Allah reward each and everyone of you, and may he bless you all with the strength to carry on and to conquer your temptations!



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