Hurtful Words to a Revert

As a revert I have to say the most hurtful thing my Muslim brothers and sisters do is doubt me. I don’t mean just stare at me and wonder why I look different or dress different, or talk too much Islam. But full on doubt of my intentions of coming to Islam or staying in Islam for that matter.

I went through a really dark period once where I felt like everything was crashing around me because after all that struggling I still wasn’t good enough, sadly I’m still not good enough. I used to feel bad that I had a non-muslim upbringing, I felt like I had some sort of black mark on me which everyone saw except me.

But the lesson I learned is that I was wrong. Alhamdulillah! I was given strength and perspective. I shouldn’t have worried about what brothers and sisters thought, I shouldn’t have needed their acceptance, I shouldn’t have cared. I had the love of Allah, The forgiveness of Allah, and the acceptance of our beautiful creator, I had the world! What more could I want when Allah himself has blessed me with guidance?!

It took me some time to realize that people will always find reasons to doubt you or criticize you. They might say it’s for money, rich husbands, they might even say it’s all part of a well thought out conspiracy to tarnish the Muslim name, but it doesn’t matter. Because Allah knows best and He knows our true intentions. Once we all leave this world, they will have to deal with their hurtful words where as we, inshallah will be embraced by Allah’s love and mercy.

So as a revert it took me time to realize that there are some rude brothers and sisters. But likewise there are very nice brothers and sisters who Allah will bless you with. Stay strong my new Muslim brothers and sisters, it is all but a test. You are never really alone, Allah is always with you! If anyone can understand you, it is your creator! 🙂

Love to all my brothers and sisters!



2 thoughts on “Hurtful Words to a Revert

  1. SubhanAllah. You are so to the point!!!! I cannot tell how right you are. I went through the same phase when I was a new revert. Some people did not leave any stone unturned to make me feel inferior but alhamdulilah when God is with you what can anyone do to you 🙂

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