Things I Wish I Could Tell My Parents

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have so many secrets…

I wish I could tell my parents,

That I am Muslim and Proud!

That I worship Allah and love being able to turn to him always.

That I pray 5 times a day.

That I fast.

That I wear a hijab when I go out (even though they never see it).

That I am learning Arabic.

That I am NOT oppressed.

That some crazy Imam is not after me trying to restrict my rights as a women.

That I will not give up my beliefs.

That covering my body doesn’t mean I lack fashion sense or that I am ashamed of my body.

That I grow my eyebrows and fight the urge to make them thin for the sake of my Lord.

That not all Muslims are bad.

That I will marry a Muslim man, inshallah, and yes our children (Inshallah) will be Muslim.

That they should turn to Allah before it’s too late.

That I ask dua for them everyday because I love them.

That every time they try to show me that Islam isn’t as good as Buddhism, I find Islam is Perfect!

Lastly, that I love them very much and that I am so very sorry for all the secrets but I have been given no choice. I might be a disappointment in their eyes but I rather have them ashamed of me, than Allah be ashamed of me.

Inshallah one day I will have the courage to tell them this…





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