Tsunami Scare

Recently the tsunami scare followed by the earthquake in Indonesia shook almost all of the South Asian countries. I was quite impressed with how Sri Lanka handled the situation this time. Being victims of the 2004 tsunami my family and I have the drill down now. Although many had doubts that a tsunami would occur we didn’t want to take a chance. Last time we were holidaying in Trincomalee and almost didn’t make it. We lost a lot of things, but Alhamdulillah nothing important as we were all fine. So we tend to be a little jumpy when it comes to tsunami warnings, the fact that we live near the shore doesn’t help either.

Since we are in the evacuation area we decided to pack and be ready so that we could leave when/if they asked us too. Although nothing had happened I still took my time to pray and ask dua. I packed my Quran, prayer kit, passport, ID, license, couple of clothes and my phone. We gathered in the living area waiting for the final verdict, to go or not to go. As I left my room I scanned back and realized just how much stuff I had. I mean the shoes and the clothes that I had so desperately bought had no value at that instance. Even my computer didn’t seem valuable enough to carry. Everything I needed fit in to a tote bag.

Made me wonder about just how much stuff we acquire through out the years, stuff we don’t really need mind you. Definitely in the age of materialism! Now I’m not saying I’m any better than the next guy. My obsession with shoes and bags is a force to be reckoned with, but Alhamdulillah I am trying to control myself. Now, before buying something I make sure I ask myself (at least 3 times) whether I ‘really’ need it. Most of the time it’s no πŸ™‚ Inshallah I hope to get rid of all the unwanted things in my room before Ramadan so that I only have that which is truly essential.

I suppose it’s those strange events which seem like calamities at the time, which make you realize what is truly valuable in life. In 2004 when we were scared and confused, we had nothing on us. Just the clothes on our backs. While traveling in a truck to higher ground I heard a foreigner say something to his child which still effects me to this day. His son was scared and kept asking what would happen to all his things which had been lost during the two tsunami waves, and the foreigner just calmly hugged him and his wife, and replied “We have everything we really need”.





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