To make them see…

I see so many brothers and sisters today who don’t take advantage of the blessings Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon them. I’m not claiming to be the most grateful person, I know I have my lapses, I have no illusions about my own wrong doing. But I see people violating really big instructions like smoking, drinking, dress code, prayers, Jummah, and fasting. I’m not blaming anyone but I just wish I could make them understand.

I pray everyday for my family. Being non-muslims their practices are different from mine. I love my parents and my brother! They mean world to me and I would give anything to help them. Honestly I am torn and I dread the idea that they might suffer in the hereafter. I pray that they get the opportunity to please Allah (SWT). I know Allah (SWT) guides those he pleases and leads astray those he pleases. I also know that Allah (SWT) is the best of teachers and if he can not guide you, no one in this world can. I wish my family has the guidance that I have. I wish I could see them in Jannah, Inshallah.I try to talk to them but I’m still just a kid in their eyes. I’m the one having a identity crisis or going through a phase. To them I have very little or no depth in what I’m doing. Inshallah this mind set will change, and inshallah they will also realize that there is only one God. Till then I keep praying and asking dua. I keep on praying that Allah (SWT) has mercy on them and guides them as he has guided me.

Sometimes I feel like my brothers and sisters take their life in Islam for granted. The only thing close to describing the waste that I see is, it’s like being blind and knowing someone is poking their eyes out because they don’t know how lucky they are. They have a chance to please Allah (SWT), a chance to achieve Jannah, a chance to do something different and amazing with their lives, the chance to help so many, and they have the understanding that this life isn’t everything, it’s just temporary and hereafter lies our true destination. Mashallah! they are all so blessed to have the life they do. A life where their whole family is Muslim and they have no restrictions on practicing Islam.

So when I see either a brother or sister not living up to their potential, I feel sad. I wish they could see what Allah has allowed me to see. I hope, Inshallah Allah (SWT) will help them see.

Alhamdulillah! I’m so thankful to be a revert. I really believe that having to work to be in Islam makes your appreciate of it so much more. Sometimes I am Wowed by Allah (SWT)’s plans. Subhanallah! So amazing!



3 thoughts on “To make them see…

  1. Assalamualaikum sis :),

    May Allah bless your family with the light of Islam and grant you all good in this life and the next!

    About the brothers and sisters in Islam who are born muslims.. yes I so agree with you .. alhumdulillah .. we are blessed with Islam .. but I believe we are so influenced by todays world and culture and the people we stay around with that we have lost touch with God! For todays youth all that matters is having fun, fitting into the crowd, being “cool” like u mentioned! I breaks my heart too! But well, actually even with born muslims.. there are still u know people.. whose own parents stop them from wearing the hijab or keeping the beard or in other words being “too religious” .. and I guess that’s the prob.. when there’s no support it gets very demotivating to do anything..! May Allah guide all of us to live a life that is pleasing to him!

    • Walaikum Salam sister!

      Ameen to your dua and jzakhallah khair!

      Alhamdulillah, truly we are blessed indeed! I’m so glad you found my post interesting and I agree with you sister. It’s very important that we support each other and work towards being better Muslims. Easier said that done, I know but Inshallah, Allah (SWT) will guide us all. As you said the influence of dunya today is very distracting and it just helps distance you from your creator and what truly matters. Inshallah I hope Allah (SWT) grants all of us the strength to fight temptation and to better ourselves so that we may please him.

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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