Challenges : Fajr Prayers

This is the most difficult prayer for me and I’ve struggled a lot to find a solution. These helped me a lot! I’ve found that on the days that I missed Fajr prayers there was something missing, it felt so empty. For me the best time to sit, supplicate, ask for dua and read the Quran is after Fajr. Everything is so nice and calm, you can hear only the birds singing outside. My house is particularly quiet since everyone else is asleep 🙂 Alhamdulillah! I find I get so much done after Fajr.

My best method is to ask dua before I sleep, set a clear intention with sincerity, and then set multiple alarms on my phone starting from 4.30am, then 4.35am, 4.40am, etc. This doesn’t let me fall asleep again and annoys me in to waking up 😀 by Allah’s grace I wake up for Fajr now, next step to wake up for Tahajjud prayers, inshallah. I know a brother who keeps his alarm near his brother, so when it goes off he gets woken by a very annoyed younger brother, who occasionally flings the phone at him 😀

I hope this comes in handy to everyone else! Love this doodle!

Images by Productive Muslim

How to wake up for Fajr prayers – a doodle by Aneesah Satriyah



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