40 Days to Ramadan! ^_^


I can’t believe we’re nearing Ramadan again so soon! Inshallah I pray that we all are given the chance to fast this beautiful month!

Ramadan is by far my favourite time of year. I’m the type of muslimah who loves…and I mean loves fasting! But Ramadan has so much more! The spirituality, the discipline, the ifthar gathering, tharawee prayers, Laylatul Qadr, I love every bit of it!

I didn’t understand the wonders of Ramadan till last year. I did the usual fasting and praying tharawee before that, but last year Mashallah I grew so close to Allah! I was able to understand so much of Islam and I was able to better myself so much! Inshallah I hope to do even better this year.

I think most of all the thing I love about Ramadan is that clean feeling you get once you start fasting. I can’t really explain it but Alhamdulillah! you feel so energetic and cleansed. You can not deny that it’s a miracle of Allah. I mean the most productive days of the year for me are during Ramadan, and this is without eating or drinking. By the grace of Allah I have have never had a lazy day during Ramadan.

Funnily enough the first pillar of Islam which I tried out was fasting during Ramadan. Without the Shahadah it’s quite strange and pointless (I know), but the reason I wanted to try it out was because, when ever I asked a Muslim what the hardest thing about being Muslim was, they would say fasting. I imagined it to be so difficult and almost impossible. I mean honestly when someone tells you to not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset, you tend to gasp. But in it’s not that bad. Alhamdulillah for me fasting is the best! I suppose it was all Allah’s plan because I immediately fell in love with fasting, and soon after that embraced Islam by reciting the Shahadah.

I found this video a couple of days back and it made me super excited! Subhanallah! I had no idea how powerful Laylatul Qadr was. Please have a look and pass it on because it’s just one of those videos which can really help all of us.

Inshallah I pray that Allah gives all of us the chance to fast this Ramadan. May we all get closer to our creator, do good to our souls and gain all the merit possible from this beautiful month, Ameen!



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