Hijabi Driving

So today was my first official day driving with my Hijab on. It’s also the first day I was allowed by my daddy dearest to take out the car on my own, accompanied by my brother of course.Yes I got my license when I was 18 but was not allowed to drive till I turned 21 AND finished my degree. Such are the rules set by my dad. Nice that my brother is allowed to drive at 18, such sexist rules!

Moving on, I must say it’s funny the looks you get when you adorn a Hijab and drive. I was quite surprised to see the reaction on people’s faces. It wasn’t anything bad, just strange. I saw my fellow sisters checking me out with a look of awe and approval. It was kind of pleasant to finally see some encouraging looks from sisters. At the same time I saw people who looked shocked. At first I felt like I was in some Arab country coz they looked like they had seen something strange. But women in Sri Lanka drive all the time. Then, thinking back I realized that not many Hijabed women drive here. I don’t know why but some how I’ve seen very few Hijabed women driving. I suppose partly because most sisters prefer to adorn the scarf around their neck here.

Anyway it was fun to stir up some looks. I saw some brothers smiling and giving me a chance to go ahead as well. So yeah overall it was fun! I’m adding to my strangeness as a hijabi now, by adding driving to my clothing style and hijab draping style.

I’ve driven with out my Hijab on and I must say it’s not the most pleasant. When men see a women driving it instantly leads them to be a little skeptic and boisterous. I’ve had so many people trying to intimidate me on the road. But Mashallah when I wear the hijab they either look amused or down right shocked. Either way works in my favour šŸ™‚



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