Final Destination : Vancouver

So we have finally got to Vancouver after 29 long hours of travelling. We have taken a collective decision not to let my dad make the itinerary ever again! It was sort of made to his schedule since he’s here on business so we ended up flying for 24hrs to Seattle and then crossing the border to Vancouver by land. We got here at around 2am, too tiered to move but too jet lagged to sleep.

So far I like Vancouver! Haven’t seen much of it yet but if there are people on the road at 2am, chances are it’s a good place 😛 I’m not sure why but having things look alive in the night excites me. It’s like the day never ends! 😀 Part of why I love the Galle Road strip of Colombo and the City of Melbourne. When I was in Brisbane, it always depressed me that everything was closed by 6pm, even in the city everything closed by 7 or 8pm.

Looking out my window, sipping on some cammomile tea, the view is quite nice. I can see green mountains peering though the buildings. It’s kind of nice to have a contrast. As we entered Vancouver we saw the most beautiful site. The road was high so all we saw was this sea of trees and glowing street lamps shinning like stars. It looked like the night sky. Oh and I love the weather! Autumn is always my favorite season, the chilly weather with a hint of warmth from the sun, perfect! It’s perfect Hijab wearing weather in my opinion. You can layer clothes and you get to wear boots (which I love!) 😀 All the perks of Winter without freezing yourself, I say. I’m excited to go out and have a walk around, inshallah we will in a little while. I’m the only one awake so far 😀



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