Yes I am Muslim, No I am not Moor, I am Sinhalese, Yes I’m aware how strange it is :)

Just random frustration with the confused faces trying to piece together why exactly I am Muslim. I am well aware that it is rare to find a Sinhalese person who is Muslim (Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way it is). But I just wish I didn’t have to explain the whole story every single time just because they can’t piece it together. Why is it such a strange thing for me not to have any ties to the Muslim Community but still be Muslim?! My parents are Buddhists who believe in Hindu Gods, they don’t seem to get any grief on it. Why is it when it has to do with being Muslim, it’s the strangest thing ever?!

A typical conversation goes a little like this.

Random Person: Oh so you’re Muslim?
Me: Yes.
Random Person: But your name is not Muslim. Why is your name Sinhalese?
Me: (I don’t even know what to say when they ask why my name is my name), It’s because I’m Sinhalese.
Random Person: But you are Muslim??? (biggest confused look ever). Are your parents Muslim?
Me: No, they are not.
Random Person: Then you must have married a Muslim.
Me: No I’m not married.
Random Person: Well why are you Muslim then?
Me: I reverted.
Random Person: Ohhhhhhhhh (cue famous bobble head action)
Me: *sigh* (cue long explanation).

Sadly this happens with brothers and sisters too. I am so tempted to shout out “I’M MUSLIM BECAUSE I WANTED TO BE MUSLIM!!” when they ask me why I am Muslim. Apparently that would be rude, so I do this over and over again. I’m kind of waiting till I get married so I can just say, “Oh my husbands Muslim” and end it at that. For some reason that seems to be an accepted and valid reason over actually struggling and converting on your own. What a strange, strange world!



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