A shadow lurks through the night,
invisible to everyone,
his soul is almost dead,
but his spirit longs for a fight.

The night air seeps in to his heart,
leaving him breathless and numb,
the moon shines with a hallow glow,
beyond the mist lies his life.

His memories stir silently,
as he prays for another chance,
a request that goes unfulfilled,
and a question unanswered.

The flames rise consuming him,
he feels no pain,
just regret,
“Why” a whisper resonates through the air.

Tears rain from his eyes,
his mind freezes as he tries to think,
the air seems suffocating now,
his blood spills in to his soul.

As he lies in agony,
he tries to shield himself from the truth,
the past and the present dance before him,
as if to mock him and his so called glory.

But no matter how he tries,
to stand once more,
it is all in vain,
for this is the end.


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