If I Can, Anyone Can!

Mind you this is not saying I’m anything special, or that I am always right. In fact this is me saying the opposite. To all those who claim that they can not do something (whether it be praying, wearing hijab or fasting) because of whatever reason, I’m sorry, I give you no excuse. I am just as imperfect as you (if not more), I struggle just as much as you (if not more), I am filled with endless faults as just as much as you (if not more), I fall over and over again just as much as you (if not more). But Alhamdulillah by Allah’s grace I get back up, suck it in, and do it. So the next time any of us thinks of making an excuse like “It’s just so hard”, think! It’s not that hard.

On a day like this we have to think of all the things our beloved Prophet (SAW) went through. Think of how much he (SAW) and his companions (May Allah be pleased with them) had to endure in order to keep their faith. This is what I do whenever I think something is hard for me. Instead of looking at the lazy pants who doesn’t pray or fast I think of how Prophet (SAW) and his companions (May Allah be pleased with them) who would pray irrespective of where they were or what their situation was.

I’m not saying my life is bad, Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me so much and I appreciate every little blessing He has given me. I thank Him for the strength He has given and iman he has blessed me with. But (like I’ve mentioned before in another post) I do get upset when someone comes to tell me how hard it is for them. I can, from the top of my head think of tons of people who have worse fates. Think of the brothers and sisters suffering in Syria or Palestine. Think of the brothers and sisters who suffer each day around the world. Here we are in our A/C rooms, on our computers, scrolling through Facebook and claiming that it’s hard to give it all up for 5mins to pray (I use this example because it’s something I do, see imperfect just like the rest).

If each one of us could just stop excusing ourselves by comparing ourselves to the worse Muslim we know, we could improve so much. Again I say this because it’s something I do a lot. I’m trying my best to compare myself to Prophet (SAW) and improve myself. I am a LONG way from being the amazing person he (SAW) was. But atleast with each day I can improve myself. If I can with all my imperfections do it, then anyone can!



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