The Ummah Effect

Some time back my father was going on his usual rant about Muslims. From the bits I had actually listened to I understood that he was talking about how Muslims always look for other Muslims, whether it be for a shop to go to or a restaurant to eat at. As I started forming a counter argument to fire out I realized he was right. Back in my non-Muslim days I had always wondered why, and shameful to admit, criticized it. Now being a Muslim I find myself being dawned towards other Muslims.

I realized it was just the comfort of another Muslim. It didn’t matter where they were from or who they were as long as we both had those small things which defined us as Muslims. The fact that we would all greet each other that same way (irrespective of race, colour or nationality) and the way we all dress the same. We have so much in common. When I see another Muslim brother or sister my heart instantly lights up because I know they are my people, I know I have a great deal in common, I know they will understand me and I know they would never fear me. In which other religion would you get this kind of unity? Whether you take a Muslim from Sri Lanka or a Muslim from America, we still pray the same number of times, we still talk with the usual Alhamdulillahs and Inshallahs, we still fast at least 30 days of the year, and we will always look for a halal label πŸ™‚

It’s just the understanding and comfort we share by being One Ummah. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what kind of Muslim we are, it just matters that we are Muslims. Subhanallah! I never realized how alike we all are. Islam is such an amazing religion that it has actual made such different countries have so many things in common. Back in my non-Muslim days I never felt anything like this. I know for a fact that my parents don’t share such a universal bond with anyone either. It’s a Muslim thing.

It’s not that the other shops or restaurant have anything wrong with them, or, despite current beliefs (in Sri Lanka) that we have a plot to increase the economy of Muslims. It’s just the fact that we feel comfortable with our own kind. No matter who we are we will always scan the crowd to find someone similar to us, someone who ‘gets us’. This is done by all of us, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike. With Islam, being Muslim, it’s that much easier. As a Muslim I know the value of eating halal food, I know the rules on a maharam/non-maharam relationship, it’s so simple for me to understand what any sister or brother is alright with.

So it’s really just a case ofΒ  ‘It’s not you, it’s me’, it’s just the whole Ummah effect. πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “The Ummah Effect

  1. “The believers are like one body, if one part is injured, the entire body feels the pain.” -total paraphrase of a hadith.

    I think this hadith, and the fact that you can go to any masjid in the world, and join the prayer with ease with no language barrier worries, are 2 of the chief causes of the “Ummah effect,” (love the phrase, by the way!)

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