Why You Gotta Be So Mean?!

Today I was out when the Maghrib Athan played so I decided to go to my favorite mosque (it has such a nice ladies prayer area, completely separate from the general area, it also has a car park) to pray.

When I entered I saw that there were already two sisters inside getting ready to pray. I caught eye contact with the elder looking one so I smiled and was about to give salam when I noticed that she looked at me with a ice cold indifference, she then turned away sharply. It was like I was the annoying neighbor who had apparently made her angry. I let it go and thought, whatever.

The second sister (I’m guessing was the daughter) was in the wudu area and I smiled at her too and she just looked right through me, and away. I decided to first check if I had some anti-Muslim tag on my face which was upsetting everyone, that or if I had accidentally gone into invisible mode without knowing it, coz for some reason people didn’t seem to like me there.

After taking wudu when I went to the prayer area I found that those two ladies had decided to lay down their mats in the most inefficient way possible. They had completely dominated the prayer area and left a sliver of space which a third sister had come and squeezed into. The only way would be for me to walk in front of them and pray. I make a point never to distract someone who is praying, although I was kinda annoyed by the inconvenience they were causing everyone else. So I decided to wait till one of them finished.

But it was getting late and the male section had already started their jamath prayers so I decided to pray. Prophet Mohamed (SAW) prayed in any clean space he could find, so why not?! I took a mat and cleared a small section closer to the wudu area. I made sure it wasn’t facing the bathroom or anything, adjusted to the qiblah direction and prayed.

After praying I noticed that those two ladies had also finished. I realized that they had their noses up in the air (literally). I felt like I had walked into some mean girls slumber party! I don’t know if it was because of their long abayas, or because they drove around in a Benz. They kinda bummed me out. I love that mosque and I love praying there but they made me feel so isolated and unaccepted. I couldn’t help but think, why you gotta be so mean?!



4 thoughts on “Why You Gotta Be So Mean?!

  1. assalamu alaykum my sister in Islam.be proud Allah ta has pick you as Muslim.Be the Role model over look these sick ladies

  2. Asalaam Walaikum

    It makes me sad to hear this, however it also makes me proud to hear how you handled the situation. May Allah reward you for your patience and make it easier for you to be around such people.

    Keep your head up high, there is no anti-muslim tag on you. Maybe they were just having a bad day, brush it off and keep smiling sista !!

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