Writers Wanted!

So I was doing my random things when I came across this! I thought it was best to share it with my brothers and sisters. As mentioned earlier in another post, Halal World Magazine is something I love. I would say the main reason was because we didn’t have anything like that in Sri Lanka. When I think of all the money we spend on useless magazines which gossip about celebs, this is well worth the money for me. Anyway! I found out that they are looking for freelance writers to do some work for them. I’m going to try and contribute something, insha’Allah. Just thought of letting all you beautiful writers out there know about it as well.

Halal Wolrd Magazine

So if anyone is interested go right ahead. From the info I got, they aren’t looking for scholars or anything. They encourage amateur writers to come forward. Nationality is irrelevant. Any Hadith and/or Quran verses used must be referenced appropriately. As long as you have Islamic knowledge and stay under the topics of Banking & Finance,  Food & Beverages, Education & Lifestyle, Travel & Tourism and Sports, your good to go.  Unfortunately since it’s still in its infancy stage it doesn’t pay the writers, but plus side is you actually get published in a proper magazine. How cool is that?!



3 thoughts on “Writers Wanted!

  1. Wow this is amazing Masha’Allah. I don’t think I can become a full-time writer for them but I would love to contribute an article or two, inshaAllah. :)…Do let me know how you fare, inshaAllah. May Allah ‘azza wa jal get you selected in it. Ameen. 🙂

    • Tell me about it! I was so happy to see this, mashallah! Alhamdulillah they are really trying to encourage writers (amateur or professional) to come forward. If you would like to contribute, go for it sister! 😀 I’ve already contributed one article 🙂 Insha’allah hope to contribute another later on, currently waiting for inspiration to strike 😀

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