Alone but Never Lonely

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

This quote is something I relate to and ponder on quite a lot. It could apply to many things but for me it relates to being alone. Being alone isn’t necessary a bad thing. I believe in some sense I was always alone. I dealt with my problems, and I made tough decisions and at the end of the day I was the only shoulder I could cry on. I would often look around at the sea of people, such a vast amount of people who knew almost nothing about me. I had no connection nor did I feel the need to connect. When I was young I spent many a day feeling lonely in this sea of people. Sometimes I was happy about it, sometimes not so much. After finding Islam I came to the realization that I’m never really alone, my Lord watches over me every step of the way.

Although some days I may crave a human connection, most days I’m content with the calming and soothing connection I have with my Lord. Over the loud sounds and voices of all those around me I imagine myself in to a field of thoughts. Private thoughts only shared by us two. Here is my natural dwelling.

Sometimes human connection feels like a burden. Having to think of so many people and how my decisions effect them. Sometimes I feel like running away from it all. Running away with my Lord. Just to be alone and talk to the one person who understands me, truly loves me, will never doubt me, or misunderstand me. To me that is freedom. To not have to think of anything but pleasing my Lord, and being me with no burdens. That is real freedom.

Right now, I crave that freedom.



2 thoughts on “Alone but Never Lonely

  1. I have been struggling with being alone for awhile. It is written for me to be in a different city than my husband for this time, and it is such a struggle to be content with it. I find it refreshing to read about being alone as a good thing, instead of trying to “get through it”.

    • Masha’allah I’m happy this post helped you sister. Being alone isn’t always a bad thing, it just means you have some alone time with Allah (SWT) 🙂 I pray Allah makes it easy on you and that you and your husband are reunited soon, insha’allah. Ameen! 🙂

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