A Reflection

The past few weeks have been, I would say, strange. Not good and yet not all that bad (given we learn from bad experiences). I think one person that helped me cope can only be described as a reflection in a mirror. To describe them in any other way would finite them, and right now, I can’t seem to bring myself to do that.

Reflections in a mirror are exactly the same as you, just inverted.

When we look at a reflection, there is something comforting about the likeness, the understanding, the connection. Two different worlds, two different minds, merge at a given place only to stand opposite to each other, looking but never physically touching. They enter each other’s existence, only to shy away. Such a reflection is something that makes you feel good about yourself, shows you yourself and inspires you to be better. A reflection makes you think, ponder, wonder and realize. It makes you look deeper into your beliefs, and since they are essentially the same, it would only guide you and show you that what you feel, what you believe, what you think, is indeed correct. It encourages you to be yourself, no matter how annoying that maybe. At the same time, it shows you vulnerabilities and exposes you. It shows you what you want to see, and yet shows you reality. It tests your patience and questions your motives. It drives you crazy, and yet you can’t stop looking. It’s like a warm fire that occasionally burns.

The thing that intrigues me the most is the contradiction of the two, the contradiction of being alike, yet different. Capable of understanding one another and yet clashing with each other. The inverted personalities, likes, dislikes. It’s somewhat of a destructive force in itself. A force that leaves comforting nonsense in its wake. It lets you step away from it all and forget the world, because for those few moments, you think nothing, you worry about nothing, and you definitely remember nothing. You enjoy the moments of sweet silence as you listen to each others nothings. You laugh, you cry, you are happy. You love them because for those few moments when you look into those eyes, it’s like two lil’ girls playing, carefree.



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