Brother, please!

This post is dedicated to all those people who choose to judge other’s with no basis but their own frustrations and ignorance. They choose to judge on today, rather than what could be. They choose to judge harsher than our Almighty. They choose to judge in order to feel superior and hide their insecurities. They choose to judge without knowing or really seeing.

Although I would like nothing more than to say “Brother, please!” and follow it with a colourfully argumentative piece of my mind, I think I know better. I know better than to get my blood boiling and to stoop to their own level in terms of language and behaviour. I make no judgements on them, but merely believe that if they expect us to respect them, then we deserve respect in return. So this is me, contemplating on what they do, why they do it and concluding that it is all utterly ridiculous!

What gives one the right to judge another? Are we all ultimately not the same? Do we all not cry when we are hurt? Do we not all smile and laugh when we are happy? Do we all not care? Do we all not bleed? Do we all not fall and struggle? Do we all not sin? Do we all not die? Do we all not stand for judgement in front of our Lord?

How could it be that one is far better than the other? If so, then how do we know for sure that is indeed the case.

Something many fail to realize is that we know not what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow I might fall, and simultaneously someone might come to Islam. Our lives can not be defined and predicted by any of us. It is defined and written by our Creator. For us to even for one second pretend like we know who is better, is sheer ignorance.

We are all on a road to the end. Some of us are further ahead, some of us are trying to catch up. It doesn’t mean just because I’ve run ahead of you that I am better, it merely means, Alhamdulillah, I am blessed. A common example I use is my Husband and myself. He had practised Islam for 18 years before me, 18 years before I even entered the race. Masha’allah by the Grace of Allah (SWT) in a matter of a couple of years, I was able to clear that head start and catch up to him. Looking at me when I was a 16 year old girl, I doubt anyone would have thought I would be adorning a hijab one day. These same people would have looked at me and thought ‘That poor girl, so nice but will never be on the right path’, but here I am. See, there really is no telling where someone will stand in this race. It’s very easy for us to fall, and for the one who we judge so harshly to gain the lead.

Just because someone isn’t at the same level of Taqwa or Iman as you (or as you perceive it) doesn’t mean they won’t be there soon. It just means they are taking their own time, time which our Glorious Creator has granted. The reason one of us might have attained such a level of Taqwa could be, simply because our days are numbered, where as others have a longer life to live. Allah (SWT) could have the same end planned for us all, it’s just that some of us have to reach the destination sooner than others.

This is all of course keeping aside the main fact that we can not at all, under no circumstances judge what is in another’s heart. We simply do not know. Only our Creator is capable of understanding us all. Even if we run the same race we will never know why someone does what they do. We as imperfect humans ourselves can never know someone’s true intentions, level of Iman and Taqwa. These are deeply personal things which are only known to Allah (SWT). So the question is, if we do not know then how can we judge?

Something I always do, and pray that I always will (insha’Allah), is remind myself of where I was before Islam and how much I struggled during my reversion. How hard it was to give up the things I was used to. The music, the ‘friends’, the fashion, and the behaviour. It was a process to change these, and Alhamdulillah I was able to do it. But in no way does it give me the right to judge someone else who hasn’t, yet. They have just as much as a chance to change and be better as I do. And this goes hand in hand with the fact that none of us are truly perfect Muslims (or humans for that matter). We all make mistakes and we all have our little sins.

So, Brother please!, at the end of the day it is not our duty to pass judgement on those things we simply are too ignorant to know. It is our duty to help those who fall behind in this race, to hold them, unite as one Ummah and finish along side one another .



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