Just Sad…

To me the saddest thing is when one insults the religion of someone as amazing as the Prophet (SAW). Now these insults aren’t directed at our beloved Prophet (SAW) or at our deen, Islam. These insults are those that stem from the neglect to our Prophet (SAW)’s instructions and the instructions in our glorious Quran.

It fills my heart with sadness when I see someone trying to ‘drill’ the truth into someone by calling them out in the middle of an audience. Calling them out and making them feel bad for something they did. How this is suppose to work is frankly beyond me. If I didn’t know Allah (SWT) the way I did, if I didn’t know Islam was beautiful, if I didn’t know the beautiful people I know, I wouldn’t have been ‘persuaded’. I would have been appalled.

Words such as “You will burn in hell” and “Your skin will be melted off and you will have to drink your own sweat to quench your thirst” don’t really inspire people. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Why would one use words such as these when there is so much more to Islam than punishments. I think to someone who has done something, words of hope are far more important than words of warning. Hope that there is mercy in our Lord, hope that they have a chance to make amends, hope that they may gain forgiveness and better themselves. This is what makes Islam beautiful, this is what makes Islam feel right.

Honestly I think I’m torn at whether I should feel sad for people who utter such horrific words to ‘scare’ people into believing or if I should feel angry. Angry that someone is giving a wrong impression of what Islam is.

To me as a revert, Islam was never something scary, therefore I followed. Islam was never ‘I might go to hell if I don’t/do this’. Islam was something beautiful which filled my life with purpose. Islam was light. Islam was hope. Islam was pure. And that is what people deserve to hear, that is what Islam deserves to be explained as.



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