Ramadan Kareem!



Alhamdulillah, the moon has been sited in Sri Lanka!

I am beyond excited! I wanted it to be today so badly and Masha’allah it is! I think I’ve always been able to feel the arrival of Ramadan. Towards the time when the sighting was to be done everyone kept telling me that it won’t be today, it’s too gloomy, Saudi Arabia hasn’t even started, etc. I just nodded and kept quiet. I knew if Allah (swt) had degreed it then it would be today. It was a perfect day, the weather was amazing, the air was energizing, how could it not be today?! ๐Ÿ™‚

When we got the news we were already on our way home. I think one of those special moments in life (at least for me) is when your phone suddenly starts buzzing with endless Ramadan Kareem msgs and you excitedly attempt to reply each and every one of them. The streets are suddenly crowded and traffic is crazy. People are rushing to get to Tharaweeh prayers. It has begun!

I feel so good, masha’allah. I missed Ramadan like I’ve missed nothing before!

This here, is where my new life begins. Although I cut out most forms of communication and technology, I’ve decided to keep blogging. It’s something I love and this Ramadan I want to do things I love, I want to be with those I love, I want to write, I want to bake, I want to pray, and I want to reinvent myself to be better than ever, insha’allah! Besides I think blogging has always made me closer to Allah (swt), made me ponder on his greatness and mercy, so why not?!

Ramadan Kareem my dear brothers and sisters! May you all have an immensely blessed Ramadan filled with mercy, love and happiness! May Allah (swt) watch over you, forgive you and bless you with the bounties of this world as well as Paradise! Ameen!




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