Don’t You Go Raining on My Parade

Ramadan is the most exciting time of the year for me (as evident from most of my posts). I love every sweet minute of it.

Yes, many find it strange that I love parched lips, hunger pains, muscle cramps from standing in prayer and the do nots that come with this month, but to me it’s sheer bliss. I don’t miss anything of life before Ramadan. I know a lot of my non-Muslim friends look at me like I’ve lost it at my excitement but the strangest is the indifferent reactions I get from my Muslim brothers and sisters. When I explain how amazing (Alhamdulillah!) fasting has been, they almost seem shocked, disappointed and a bit taken a back. Why? Am I to complain? Groan? Count down to when it’s over?

I generally live on a ‘to each their own’ principle so I expect a little more from my brothers and sisters. I don’t mind if they are unable to mimic my excitement, insha’allah I hope with time they will, but I would appreciate it if they didn’t try to bring me down.  I am not a crazy person for being so excited! (yes I realise that’s exactly what a crazy person would say but) I am a happy person! I don’t rain on their parades so I would appreciate it if they didn’t rain on mine. It’s strange when they try to question my happiness, worse when they try and convince me that I shouldn’t be happy. By all means, they can think what they want but I hate the “Omg…what’s wrong with her look” that I so often get these days.

I hate it when my excitement and perseverance to have a blessed Ramadan is seen as a burden. Why is something wrong with me if I want to pray extra? What is wrong with me if I stopped listening to music this month? What is wrong with me if I freak out about almost missing a prayer? What is wrong with me if I refuse to go out with out finishing my Tharaweeh prayers? If nothing is wrong with them for not wanting all that then there shouldn’t be something wrong with me for wanting those things.

I don’t expect them to understand what it’s like but I pray Allah (swt) guides my fellow brothers and sisters and allows them to feel the excitement and joy I feel during this month. I pray Allah (swt) allows them to feel the pure ecstasy of every minute of this beautiful month, may He help them to see the blessings in this month and better themselves, Ameen.


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