“Ramadan Muslims”

“Ramadan Muslims”, are those brothers and sisters who suddenly start appearing in the mosque, or suddenly start praying steadfastly only because it is Ramadan. Most people laugh and label them as hypocrites. Why? Because they only really practice Islam during one month of the year. It’s unfortunate but true. There are of course some points in this train of thought that I don’t agree on. Being a product of a Ramadan metamorphosis, I believe these Muslims shouldn’t be made fun of but encouraged. This post is for those Ramadan Muslims.

1. Ramadan, if anything is a spiritual cleanse. A cleansing we under go every year to better ourselves. If we all fasted regularly, prayed nafl and sunnah rakath, gave up our bad habits and maintained a very halal life then this month would be just another month. No, Ramadan is a special month that allows us to recharge our Iman, to strengthen our connection with Allah (swt), be grateful for all that we have and repent for all our misdeeds. Ramadan is a blessing. If we were to think that doing something extra only during Ramadan was hypocritical, well then we would miss out on all the blessings and the opportunity to better ourselves. We are handed and almost spoon fed the opportunity, why on earth would we not use it?!

2. Ramadan is the time to start new good habits and get rid of old bad habits. We are suppose to try our best and do little things in hopes that they will become a part of us, by the end of the month. It might be something completely new to us, but if there is a good time of year to start something, it is definitely Ramadan.

3. At least these Ramadan Muslims do something! I’ve seen Muslims who make no effort what so ever to take use of this month and it’s blessings. To them, unfortunately it’s another day, the only difference being one is prohibited from eating or drinking. At least these Ramadan Muslims show up in mosque and attempt to act the part. At least they are trying. They might not do everything, and they might not continue doing these things after eid, but at least for a brief period of time they did do it.

4. By the grace of Allah many of us may find ourselves changing for the better during Ramadan. I know my turning point was Ramadan. I was a muslim, I prayed, I fasted, I stopped listening to music. That was about it. But Subhanallah, one Ramadan I achieved a level of peace that turned my life and the way I looked at it completely upside down. I was able to focus, strengthen my iman and find the courage to adorn hijab. To this day the people around me can not begin to understand the metamorphosis that took place in those 30 days. Something my Husband says to me all the time is “No one would ever imagine you and that girl were one and the same”. It’s true, no one would and that is the beauty of Ramadan.

5. Ramadan is like any other visitor, treat it with enthusiasm and respect, and you will be blessed. Treat it with negativity, groaning and moaning at the responsibilities, and it will be nothing but unpleasant.

One of the saddest things I find in my Muslim community is when brothers and sisters throw away their blessings. They are blessed with so much and given so many opportunities and yet they do not make use of it. If someone, anyone decides to even pray one extra nafl prayer just because it is Ramadan, I would gladly support them. They are taking advantage of the opportunity given to them. They are trying, whether out of fear of punishment or desire for reward, they are trying. It’s important for us to support our brothers and sisters, if not for any other reasons, for the sole reason of being the Ummah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

We must try our best to not have condemning thoughts when we see people changing during Ramadan. Who are we to judge whether they will continue with their practices or not? For all we know, they might end up being the best of us all, insha’allah!

With that I leave this quote from invitetoislam.org. It is so perfect in describing my sentiments on this matter.

Invite to Islam - Ramadan



3 thoughts on ““Ramadan Muslims”

  1. Asalaamu Alaykum,

    Very good points sister. I was thinking the same thing! I kinda hate the term “Ramadan Muslims.” We really should just encourage our brothers and sisters. After all, they are at least trying. I respect someone who is fasting, praying and doing good deeds even if it’s only for Ramadan only than someone who doesn’t fast at all. There’s still eman in the one who is fasting because Ramadan is one of the pillars of Islam.

    • Walaikum’salam sister,
      Exactly! At least they are trying. If anything we should be happy that at least during this holy month brothers and sisters are exerting extra effort in practising their deen, after all aren’t we all?

  2. Assalaamu alaykum wa rehmatullah..
    Its really unfortunate to see that as a nation we have developed a habbit of discouraging others that is not limited to Ramadan only. Every time you try to do something better, you will always find people who are just there to remind you about the bad things. I am not saying that bad habbits should not be prohibitted or discouraged but at least try to appreciate the good when it comes. May ALLAH accept are good deeds and help us to practice the religion completely. May this Ramadan bring peace and love and mercy of ALLAH for all..aameen

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