Lonely No More

A massive world wind of events have taken place in the last month or so. Pretty much everything has been turned upside down, inside out and then again just shuffled, just to make it a little more tougher for me. But Alhamdulillah Allah has been our guide and all is slowly falling in to place now. I shall slowly relate the events here, just because it truly is a lot and I don’t even know how or where to start.

I took a break from blogging but had to come back to share this, to just let it sink in to my heart, and to just feel the love of my Lord. Last eid I cried my heart out, just because I was alone, just because I had no one, just because I could never share my happiness with anyone. It’s been 7 years since I’ve reverted, and not one eid had been with people. But instead of asking Allah for a better eid, I accepted it for what it was, my alone time with Allah (swt), our own little celebration. And then…Subhan’allah! This eid has been far from lonely! I got to spend time with a sister I truly love from the bottom of my heart, and I got to meet another amazing sister who is a revert just like me. This was my eid, my gift from Allah. To add to how amazing this is, my fellow revert sister too had been crying last eid out of loneliness, and here we are, two reverts, lonely no more.

Every day I learn how much Allah loves me, every day it gives me goosebumps, and every day I think to myself, Alhamdulillah, how lucky am I?! These are those moments which I can feel Allah’s warmth around me, almost like a warm embrace. It’s where all I would like to do is fall to His feet and embrace them, thank Him and cry out of sheer happiness. This eid I shed tears of immense joy, just because I had so much to be thankful for and so many to share my happiness for.

I know it’s strange to cry for having being invited to something as simple as eid lunch and being around people, but trust me when I say that to a revert, it is the biggest gift in the world. It is a gift which could never be priced or replaced.

Jazakhallah Khairan to all my beautiful sisters and brothers who made dua for me to have a better eid when I posted about my last eid experience. I am truly thankful to you for it! Eid Mubarak to you and your beautiful families! May Allah bless all of you abundantly with the very best of this world and the hereafter, Ameen!




16 thoughts on “Lonely No More

  1. Aw Eid Mubarak Sis. I’m so glad you are.meeting mote people to share eid with. I have quiet eids with my kids these days.as.my.best friend has moved abroad and I’m the only.single.revert here. As long as we continue to thank Allah he will keep rewarding us for our patience.

  2. awwww sis this broke my heart, i wish i could travel back in time and give u a hug on those sad eids… but Allahu Alam, allah realy knows best, and everything happens for a reason.. Alhamdulilah you had a good eid this year and i prat to Al Wadud that He continues to shower you with Love, from Himself and the best of people around you!
    Alhamdulilah i was born a muslim, so my eids have always been crazy, the idea that there are muslims out there whose eids are full of hardships breaks my heart.. suffering is not only pain and hunger but sometimes the hardest hardship to face is loneliness, cos when ppl are around it makes other things easier to deal with. But loneliness can make a trail even harder. i pray Allah removes you and myself from the despair of loneliness in evryway!
    i just stubbled across ur blog a few months ago, this is the 2nd ever post iv read but it has really touched me, i dont know how but if i cud ever help you in anyway, please dont hesitate to ask sis, i dont know where u live, and i dont wanna be like some weird creeper, but i mean the blog has jst touched me soo much… my email adress is ameena1212@yahoo.co.uk if you evr want to just talk or watever, if u ever feel lonely sis walahi i love you for the sake of Allah and ill be there for you!

    • Assalamu’alaikum sister, apologies for the late reply. Due to some personal issues I was unable to blog for some time. I just anted to thank you so much for your sweet words and supportive thoughts. I always love how Allah introduces me to beautiful sisters who are so encouraging in order to help me cope with my situation. Jazakhallah Khair for your duas and invitation to reach out. It truly makes me happy to know I have a sister out there whom I can talk to if ever it gets too lonely. Alhamdulillah! I am happy to have met you, and happy that you stumbled upon my blog. I pray you and your family are in the best of health and that Allah grants you all with the best of this world and the hereafter.

      Insha’allah if I ever need to talk to a sister I shall write to you! And no it’s not weird or creepy. Just your offer makes me so happy!

      • aww w/salam sister, also sorry for the late reply.i havnt been on wordpress for along time been so busy..but the offer still stands, now and always. I love you for the sake of Allah xoxo

  3. Happy late Eid sis! I’m over excited for you, subxanalah. May Allah give you and all the other sisters and brothers who are revert strength and courage to get through in life and may Allah give you patience. Amiin

  4. Wow, I love your blog even though I just fell upon it. InshAllah may Allah reward you for your patience. Its amazing to see others experience, especially an invert!

    XOXO Maryum 🙂

  5. Masha’Allah sister may Allah bless you in this world and hereafter.
    Please also pray for me…
    I wish we could meet …

    • Jazakhallah for your supportive words sister. Insha’allah shall include you in my duas. I’m not sure about meeting but if you need a sister to talk to please do not hesitate to talk to me 🙂

  6. how lost i am in life sister..
    truly, you are an inspiration
    despite having all fortunes of living like a muslim, few take allah for granted,
    may allah swt forgive us all..
    Do pray for us sis.. Insha allah all will be all right.

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