It’s been just over an year since I blogged and I’ve lost a lot of myself while dealing with various problems. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to just get back to my old self, to just be happy again, but I never thought I would feel this way.

I feel rusty. The ideas don’t flow as they used to, my writing isn’t as smooth and I some how feel nervous. Of course it could be the fact that I am pressed for time and never know when I will be called to attend some work. It all feels forced, partly because I am forcing myself to get back on track I suppose. If I want to be happy again I have to work at it, Allah will only help me if I make an effort.

After thinking about it for quite some time I’ve decided to just go with it. I figure it’s like riding a bike, it should eventually come back to me. So I’m, just going to soldier through it and hope my writing settles back to how it used to be, and that I settle back to how I used to be, insha’allah.



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