Getting Back on Track

Let’s get back on track!!

For the last year I’ve been pushed, pulled, thrown and spin dried (I think that’s the only way to explain it). I honestly sometimes wonder how in twenty four years I’ve had so many things happen to me, and then of course I burst out with “Alhamdulillah!”, because I can’t understand how I survived or where I got the strength to do the things I did. It’s been many many days of “Ya Allah please give me the strength to survive this”. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that pretty much everything that could happen to one person has happen to me.

Finally things are settling down now and I feel like everything which was once broken and up in the air is being re-pieced together. I’ve missed blogging so much, many a times I would visit my page and want to sit and write so badly, yet something urgent would come up. Things have changed, as they always do, people around me have changed, as they also always do, I have changed, as I always try to do. So now I’m going to start a new and try to get back my life.

First of all, let me say I am still shocked to find that it is harder to marry a practising revert, than  walking in to a bar. And here is the kicker, the latter is more accepted! Yes I kid you not. There exists a culture practised by some Muslims here which works against the marrying of reverts. When confronted with the fact that our beloved Prophet (SAW) married reverts these people merely focus on the fact that we cannot compare ourselves with a Prophet. First I would like to point out that if we lived with the notion that we are not as pure as a Prophet therefore we can not to this or that, then the whole concept of Sunnah would not exists. Secondly, these Muslims are people who claim to practice the “true faith”, a faith which discriminates other faiths, including aspects of its own faith. One thing I’ve learnt is Islam does not discriminate, it does not see black or white, rich or poor, it does not see blood or lineage, it does not see reputations or personal images. It sees hearts and intentions.

It really makes me sad when I think about how Islam is misrepresented. It’s strange how people value dunya and follow culture, despite the teachings they have received all their life, and despite having the added advantage of being raised as a Muslim. And with that realization I come to the point where I do not know how to thank Allah for guiding me. Being a revert is incredibly difficult but if it means I never take Islam for granted and I never care about dunya the way I see these so called Muslims do, then I will gladly brave these difficult conditions for the rest of my life. Again I have to say all Muslims are not like that, just the unfortunate few.



One thought on “Getting Back on Track

  1. I know I am late but omg sis so happy to see you back alhamdulilah!! Congratulations!! And may Allah bless you in your marriage. Ameen
    I feel you dear sister. At the end of the day we are all fighting the same enemy, some are lucky others not so much. This is how I have come to lessen the pain of the “culture”. Hope my perspective helps in any way.

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