Praying at Work: Awkward

Has anyone seen that video of a brother who hears the Athan and starts praying immediately even though he’s at the train station. People look at him but he just keeps on praying. When I saw it I thought to myself ‘Masha’allah I should also do that!’

Recently my office has undergone some remodelling so my usual secluded prayer spot is no more. Now it’s all glass cubicles. The bottom half is frosted but it doesn’t take much to see what’s happening inside.

The first day I started praying I felt so awkward. People were walking up and down, staring, looking. They looked confused and yet intrigued. I felt so subconscious. I couldn’t bring myself up from sujood because I knew they would see me.

I felt so awkward I thought maybe I shouldn’t do this. It’s just leading to a lot of stares. Going back to work after praying was all the more awkward.

The second day I forced myself to pray, I closed my eyes so I would notice anyone doing double takes at me.

I think I underestimated how difficult it is to pray in front of people. Salah is such a personal thing for me, and to have it out in the open was so strange. This wasn’t my mom, brother or husband seeing me pray. These were people whom, while I was close work wise, I didn’t have much of a personal connection with. I thought back to the brother in the video and really appreciated how much confidence he had to start praying in front of strangers. I found it awkward to pray in front of people I’ve known for 2 years, and he did it infront of complete strangers. Masha’allah!

I pray Allah gives me the same strength! It’s been awhile an it’s still awkward but I do it anyway. I’m hoping everyone gets used to seeing it and it becomes just another normal occurrence of the day. Insha’allah!



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