Random Rantings: These People!!

Why? Why do these people insist on raining on my parade?

Life’s not treating you good? It’s tough for you? Well I’m really sorry about that. My life isn’t exactly a garden of roses right now either but I choose to still be happy for what ever little bit of amazing that exists in it, simply because I choose to be happy and live, not dramatize and wallow in self pity. So I would really really appreciate it if you could not try to strip away what ever happiness that is there within me.

If the life you have is bad then you need to step up and change it. Complaining about it and drowning in self pity isn’t going to help you, or anyone else for that matter. Allah (SWT) will not change the condition of a person until they make an effort to change it themselves.

So, if things are bad, do something about it. Do not try to rain on my parade! I do not like pity parties.

Thank you!


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