It’s a much talked about phenomenon. There is a whole range of funny and cheesy quotes dedicated to it. Unfortunately growing up I never had real friends. Those I had were never really my friend, even if I were theirs. I don’t think people can ever judge if someone is going to be a good friend or not, it takes a whole load of situations to provide any confirmation.

I always thank Allah for the people He brings in to my life, and I truly appreciate everyone, the good and the bad because I believe everyone brings something to your life, making you better, stronger, and wiser. As the many cheesy lines go, true friends are those who stand by you through thick and thin. But even in that you get different types of friends. When you are circled by a ring of fire and find your world collapsing around you, there are friends who will not even notice or make any effort to even help, these are the ones who will disappoint you. You also get the good friends who stand outside the fire and help by providing moral support and direction. I appreciate everything they do because it is their silent duas that help Allah hear us. Finally there are those diamonds who get right in the ring with you, along with their families, help put out the fires, and put the pieces back together. I am thankful for all of them because I know Allah planned them to be in my life.

The past year has been the toughest year of my life, particularly because I had so much to lose and it involved my loved ones. When the fog raised over our heads, only our true friends were there to help us find the light once more. I can never really thank them enough for all they and their families have done for us, I only pray that Allah grant them immense reward for the help they gave us. May He protect them, their families, keep them in the best of Iman and give them the best of this world and the hereafter, Ameen!



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