Money Talks

People often argue about what the most evil creation is, what can drive us to be evil, what can leave our hearts in the hands of Shaithan. There are a lot of opinions but for me, the most evil thing is Money.

I was hated, looked down upon and told that I wasn’t worth any consideration, because I had the wrong kind of blood, the wrong race. It didn’t matter what kind of person I was, it didn’t matter what I thought, or felt. Thanks to Allah I was able to forgive all those who said such harsh things about me, but sometimes I wonder why they did it. Having a child of my own I understand the need to protect your child but I am also able to empathize that everyone is someone’s child. Shouldn’t one think before calling someone immoral? fake? ugly? greedy? a gold digger? filthy? Are those words easy to say about someone you don’t know at all?

It’s funny, I really wonder how things would have turned out if Allah had not blessed my parents with a good living standard. All the things I was have now been forgotten, why? because of money. As a marketing major I understand money makes the world go around but should it compromise what we believe to this extent?

It was my Husband who said the most insightful thing when I was disgusted over suddenly being “good enough” for everyone.

He told me that money doesn’t have a race, religion or colour. Money will always become more important.

It’s true, but I don’t know how I’m suppose to feel about that. It makes me worry for my children’s future. It makes me wonder what will happen to us all. It just makes me anxious.

Insha’allah I hope Allah does not test us too harshly and I hope He opens the eyes of those who are blinded by the colour of money.



3 thoughts on “Money Talks

  1. SubhanAllah I’m appalled and disgusted mostly because I have seen such people exist. Had I not it would be hard to believe. May Allah continue to strengthen you

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