Hanging by a Thread


You know you are circling the drain when your eyes remain lifeless even in the most urgent of situations.

It’s like nothing phases you because inside you feel like you are a little dead.

Life goes on, you follow the routine, force a couple of smiles a day, increase the volume of your laugh so it sounds like you are having a good time, but inside, its just still.

Your heartbeat sounds so far away, almost like it doesn’t exist.

You look at the ones you love but only feel a flicker of love inside.

So you go on, boiling inside, all calm and natural outside, until the numbness takes over and you forget.

You forget what its like to be happy, what its like to really smile, and what it feel like to really laugh out loud.

Your mind scrambles to hold on to that last little flicker of positivity.

And that’s when you realize you are hanging by a thread.



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