The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale


While I have been absent on my blog (for various reasons), I just HAD to talk about this book sale.

I kid you not, it is the BEST sale/event I have been to in Sri Lanka. The sale is real, you get value for money. Very well, and I can not stress this enough, organized. And in case you were wondering, yes it can be a family outing. I definitely recommend checking it out whether you are interested in fiction, non fiction, children’s books, or just in the mood to browse.

So a little break down of what it’s like,

It’s been open since the 5th of October, and will be going on till the 15th of October 2017. It’s a 24hr sale, so yes you can walk in at 2am and expect the sale to be open. No need to rush, no need to crawl rush hour traffic, you can take your own sweet time.

It’s not the standard stall concept, so you get a shopping cart at the entrance, you can pile it with books, carry around your toddler in it as well. It’s basically an open area filled with crates of books all very well organized. Whatever you are looking for, you can find. Once your done, you have to walk up to the cashier, make your payment (both cash and card are accepted). Don’t worry about standing in line because it’s organized in such a way that you barely have to wait. Pass the security checkpoint, and then they give you a very handy service of storing your purchases with a token number, till you go and bring the car around to load your purchases.

Great children’s selection, definitely recommend it to all moms and dads, especially if you have been looking for good activity books (I know I have!). On average you could get something for about between Rs. 400 – Rs. 600. The Disney themed ones tend to be a little more.

They’ve got biographies, religion, philosophy, science, medicine, gardening, home improvement, fiction, non fiction, pretty much all aspects covered. A very good selection of cooking books, and I can confidently say, they are affordable (yes we went crazy with the cooking books). On average you could get multiple cuisine books between Rs. 500 – Rs. 1500. Just to let you know the Rs. 1500+ books are all very big, classic books written by chefs (including Michelin stars).

Adult coloring books, I feel this has been one big target because they had 3 separate areas for it and even got me interested. The problem is, it over whelms you, I spent 45mins just trying to figure out which books were the best to get coz, well there were so many and they all seemed so good! Range was between Rs. 270 to Rs. 1000.

The amount of excitement I feel for this event is a little difficult to put to words, simply because I love books, and then I love great events.

Now I wouldn’t say every single book is available. There are a selection of titles. You can check their site for more information. Overall I can say there is something for everyone.

There are 6 days left and I really feel everyone in Sri Lanka, well at least Colombo (it’s been raining crazy) should go and have a look.


P.S. For all comic book lovers, they have a lot of special compilations and anniversary books of characters as well as arcs (both DC and Marvel). It ranges from about Rs. 2000, but well worth it.



Hanging by a Thread


You know you are circling the drain when your eyes remain lifeless even in the most urgent of situations.

It’s like nothing phases you because inside you feel like you are a little dead.

Life goes on, you follow the routine, force a couple of smiles a day, increase the volume of your laugh so it sounds like you are having a good time, but inside, its just still.

Your heartbeat sounds so far away, almost like it doesn’t exist.

You look at the ones you love but only feel a flicker of love inside.

So you go on, boiling inside, all calm and natural outside, until the numbness takes over and you forget.

You forget what its like to be happy, what its like to really smile, and what it feel like to really laugh out loud.

Your mind scrambles to hold on to that last little flicker of positivity.

And that’s when you realize you are hanging by a thread.


Will You Ever “Go Back” to Your Old Life? : Life On The “Dark Side”

This post definitely sums up so much of what I would like to say to all those who doubt my choice! I was never evil, I was just different. Now I’m better (by Allah’s grace), and only going to get better, Insha’Allah!

convert ♥ confessions

“Go back” where? To the dark side? Everyone I know well asks me this question.

Yes, I wasn’t born Muslim, and yes I did not always memorize Quran, and I didn’t always wear hijab and I didn’t always pray five times a day…. but… this may shock you… I wasn’t the devil.

In my past life I never treated anyone wrong, I had respect, compassion, love for all other people.  I wasn’t wild.  I was actually the one that always got made fun of for being “stuck up” because I thought I was too good for beer pong championships (white girl reference).

I wasn’t a party-girl, I didn’t do drugs, I didn’t sleep with dudes because they winked and blew an air-kiss my way.

Did I know people like that? Yes.  Was I friends with these people? Yes. Was I one of them? NO.

I think there is often…

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Writers Wanted!

So I was doing my random things when I came across this! I thought it was best to share it with my brothers and sisters. As mentioned earlier in another post, Halal World Magazine is something I love. I would say the main reason was because we didn’t have anything like that in Sri Lanka. When I think of all the money we spend on useless magazines which gossip about celebs, this is well worth the money for me. Anyway! I found out that they are looking for freelance writers to do some work for them. I’m going to try and contribute something, insha’Allah. Just thought of letting all you beautiful writers out there know about it as well.

Halal Wolrd Magazine

So if anyone is interested go right ahead. From the info I got, they aren’t looking for scholars or anything. They encourage amateur writers to come forward. Nationality is irrelevant. Any Hadith and/or Quran verses used must be referenced appropriately. As long as you have Islamic knowledge and stay under the topics of Banking & Finance,  Food & Beverages, Education & Lifestyle, Travel & Tourism and Sports, your good to go.  Unfortunately since it’s still in its infancy stage it doesn’t pay the writers, but plus side is you actually get published in a proper magazine. How cool is that?!


Random Ramble

So it has been quite some time since I have done a proper blog post. I’ve been feeling somewhat guilty about not updating my blog. Either way I have dearly missed jotting down my thoughts. It’s just been really hard to find time to just sit and work. I know deep down it’s an excuse because if I wanted to I could have made time but I just feel uncomfortable when things are haywire. My room is being renovated so everything is everywhere. True enough all I need is my laptop to blog, but it really is the serenity and neat quietness of my room which allows me to think. I have a couple of posts which I’m working on, very slowly, and inshallah I will be able to publish them very soon.

I don’t know why but lately I’ve just been feeling out of it. I get that way sometimes. Does anyone else feel just off or out of it? Or is it just me?! It normally fixes itself once I pray but sometimes it sticks and I have to fight a little harder to be normal again. I’ve been fighting for sometime now but not hard enough, I know I’m not fighting hard enough. So this is me, proclaiming to the world that I will fight harder! and inshallah I will succeed in not letting Shaythan bring me down!
My new found addication has also aided in my absense on wordpress. It sounds strange but I am seriously addicted to I just have so much to review! Alhamdulillah I’ve been lucky enough to be able to try out so many new and old restaurants in Colombo, so the reviews I have to do are endless! I’m starting to think I need some sort of intervention 😀

To add to all the craziness around me my parents decide to go on a vacation (which is just an opportunity since my dad is going on a business trip anyway) to Canada and USA, taking my brother and me along. No complaints from my side, I’m excited that I finally get to see the USA! Inshallah this will be a great trip. We have family there so it’s not too much of a money splurge. I really want to see the big apple! 😀 I’ll probably try to do some posts while traveling, inshallah. I’m planning on taking plenty of pictures! and yes I’m the type to click away, trees, birds, buildings, sidewalks, benches, anything my crazy little head finds interesting 😀

I hope all my beautiful sisters and brothers are doing good and remain in the strongest of iman, inshallah.

Till next time,


Eid Mubarak!!

Allahu Akbar!

Alhamdulillah! We have sighted the moon here in Sri Lanka and Eid has been declared! I just wanted to wish all of my beautiful sisters and brothers a very blessed Eid! May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family with the best of this world and the hereafter, ameen!