Eid Mubarak!



“Ramadan Muslims”

“Ramadan Muslims”, are those brothers and sisters who suddenly start appearing in the mosque, or suddenly start praying steadfastly only because it is Ramadan. Most people laugh and label them as hypocrites. Why? Because they only really practice Islam during one month of the year. It’s unfortunate but true. There are of course some points in this train of thought that I don’t agree on. Being a product of a Ramadan metamorphosis, I believe these Muslims shouldn’t be made fun of but encouraged. This post is for those Ramadan Muslims.

1. Ramadan, if anything is a spiritual cleanse. A cleansing we under go every year to better ourselves. If we all fasted regularly, prayed nafl and sunnah rakath, gave up our bad habits and maintained a very halal life then this month would be just another month. No, Ramadan is a special month that allows us to recharge our Iman, to strengthen our connection with Allah (swt), be grateful for all that we have and repent for all our misdeeds. Ramadan is a blessing. If we were to think that doing something extra only during Ramadan was hypocritical, well then we would miss out on all the blessings and the opportunity to better ourselves. We are handed and almost spoon fed the opportunity, why on earth would we not use it?!

2. Ramadan is the time to start new good habits and get rid of old bad habits. We are suppose to try our best and do little things in hopes that they will become a part of us, by the end of the month. It might be something completely new to us, but if there is a good time of year to start something, it is definitely Ramadan.

3. At least these Ramadan Muslims do something! I’ve seen Muslims who make no effort what so ever to take use of this month and it’s blessings. To them, unfortunately it’s another day, the only difference being one is prohibited from eating or drinking. At least these Ramadan Muslims show up in mosque and attempt to act the part. At least they are trying. They might not do everything, and they might not continue doing these things after eid, but at least for a brief period of time they did do it.

4. By the grace of Allah many of us may find ourselves changing for the better during Ramadan. I know my turning point was Ramadan. I was a muslim, I prayed, I fasted, I stopped listening to music. That was about it. But Subhanallah, one Ramadan I achieved a level of peace that turned my life and the way I looked at it completely upside down. I was able to focus, strengthen my iman and find the courage to adorn hijab. To this day the people around me can not begin to understand the metamorphosis that took place in those 30 days. Something my Husband says to me all the time is “No one would ever imagine you and that girl were one and the same”. It’s true, no one would and that is the beauty of Ramadan.

5. Ramadan is like any other visitor, treat it with enthusiasm and respect, and you will be blessed. Treat it with negativity, groaning and moaning at the responsibilities, and it will be nothing but unpleasant.

One of the saddest things I find in my Muslim community is when brothers and sisters throw away their blessings. They are blessed with so much and given so many opportunities and yet they do not make use of it. If someone, anyone decides to even pray one extra nafl prayer just because it is Ramadan, I would gladly support them. They are taking advantage of the opportunity given to them. They are trying, whether out of fear of punishment or desire for reward, they are trying. It’s important for us to support our brothers and sisters, if not for any other reasons, for the sole reason of being the Ummah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

We must try our best to not have condemning thoughts when we see people changing during Ramadan. Who are we to judge whether they will continue with their practices or not? For all we know, they might end up being the best of us all, insha’allah!

With that I leave this quote from invitetoislam.org. It is so perfect in describing my sentiments on this matter.

Invite to Islam - Ramadan


Don’t You Go Raining on My Parade

Ramadan is the most exciting time of the year for me (as evident from most of my posts). I love every sweet minute of it.

Yes, many find it strange that I love parched lips, hunger pains, muscle cramps from standing in prayer and the do nots that come with this month, but to me it’s sheer bliss. I don’t miss anything of life before Ramadan. I know a lot of my non-Muslim friends look at me like I’ve lost it at my excitement but the strangest is the indifferent reactions I get from my Muslim brothers and sisters. When I explain how amazing (Alhamdulillah!) fasting has been, they almost seem shocked, disappointed and a bit taken a back. Why? Am I to complain? Groan? Count down to when it’s over?

I generally live on a ‘to each their own’ principle so I expect a little more from my brothers and sisters. I don’t mind if they are unable to mimic my excitement, insha’allah I hope with time they will, but I would appreciate it if they didn’t try to bring me down.  I am not a crazy person for being so excited! (yes I realise that’s exactly what a crazy person would say but) I am a happy person! I don’t rain on their parades so I would appreciate it if they didn’t rain on mine. It’s strange when they try to question my happiness, worse when they try and convince me that I shouldn’t be happy. By all means, they can think what they want but I hate the “Omg…what’s wrong with her look” that I so often get these days.

I hate it when my excitement and perseverance to have a blessed Ramadan is seen as a burden. Why is something wrong with me if I want to pray extra? What is wrong with me if I stopped listening to music this month? What is wrong with me if I freak out about almost missing a prayer? What is wrong with me if I refuse to go out with out finishing my Tharaweeh prayers? If nothing is wrong with them for not wanting all that then there shouldn’t be something wrong with me for wanting those things.

I don’t expect them to understand what it’s like but I pray Allah (swt) guides my fellow brothers and sisters and allows them to feel the excitement and joy I feel during this month. I pray Allah (swt) allows them to feel the pure ecstasy of every minute of this beautiful month, may He help them to see the blessings in this month and better themselves, Ameen.

Ramadan Kareem!



Alhamdulillah, the moon has been sited in Sri Lanka!

I am beyond excited! I wanted it to be today so badly and Masha’allah it is! I think I’ve always been able to feel the arrival of Ramadan. Towards the time when the sighting was to be done everyone kept telling me that it won’t be today, it’s too gloomy, Saudi Arabia hasn’t even started, etc. I just nodded and kept quiet. I knew if Allah (swt) had degreed it then it would be today. It was a perfect day, the weather was amazing, the air was energizing, how could it not be today?! 🙂

When we got the news we were already on our way home. I think one of those special moments in life (at least for me) is when your phone suddenly starts buzzing with endless Ramadan Kareem msgs and you excitedly attempt to reply each and every one of them. The streets are suddenly crowded and traffic is crazy. People are rushing to get to Tharaweeh prayers. It has begun!

I feel so good, masha’allah. I missed Ramadan like I’ve missed nothing before!

This here, is where my new life begins. Although I cut out most forms of communication and technology, I’ve decided to keep blogging. It’s something I love and this Ramadan I want to do things I love, I want to be with those I love, I want to write, I want to bake, I want to pray, and I want to reinvent myself to be better than ever, insha’allah! Besides I think blogging has always made me closer to Allah (swt), made me ponder on his greatness and mercy, so why not?!

Ramadan Kareem my dear brothers and sisters! May you all have an immensely blessed Ramadan filled with mercy, love and happiness! May Allah (swt) watch over you, forgive you and bless you with the bounties of this world as well as Paradise! Ameen!



Sweet Ramadan!

I woke up today, Alhamdulillah, feeling like the world had gotten a whole lot brighter! I felt amazing! I felt like me again. I wondered why, out of the blue I felt so good. Finally I realized it’s because I was happy. After so long, I was genuinely, unconditionally, independently, happy! The excitement of Ramadan being so close is like fuel to me. The amount of energy bursting through me is starting to scare even me. All the things that I needed to do, the panic, it’s all gone and done with. Just preparing myself for all the things I missed so much brings so much fulfilment to my heart.

Driving around tonight I noticed a lot of Muslims had already started emerging from their slumber. Like the first flowers of spring to bloom through the frozen snow, or the first autumn leaf to turn bright red, people were starting to emerge from their houses. Dates have become abundantly available. Advertisements for ifthar packages are playing over and over again. Pre-Ramadan gifts are being exchanged. New lines of clothing are being bought and prepared in the big stores. Kids are out of school, playing in the streets. Decorations are being put up in mosques. The air is light and sweet. Ramadan is so close, just beyond my finger tips and I couldn’t be any more excited.

I can’t wait for the comfort of sahar early in the morning, for the pure refreshment of wudu while fasting, for the empathy you feel for your brothers and sisters, for the satisfaction of earning extra rewards for extra prayers, for the amount of energy you seem to have at all times of the day, for the amazing productivity of a single day, for the first sip of water when you break fast after a long and tiring day, for the lists of food you make in your head to consume but forget once those 3 dates pass your lips, for Ifthars with friends, for tharawee prayers where you promise yourself to pray at least 8 rakath but end up doing 20 anyway, for Qiyam-Ul-Layl late at night with no one but your Lord, for the bright crowded streets where the time of night doesn’t seem to be a factor, for the late nights staying up till Sahar with people you love, and of course, Eid, beautiful Eid!

I can not wait for the beautiful feelings of Ramadan. The feeling of purity, salvation and forgiveness. The feeling of nothing but goodness flowing through you. The feeling of happiness and sheer contentment. Oh! if I could hug Ramadan, I would never let it go!

This is me outstretching my arms and embracing it with all my might! This is me, arms wide open, feeling like I am the queen of the world *Titanic reference* 🙂


Let Ramadan Make Things Right

With just a few days more till my most awaited time of the year, as usual I feel a sudden rush of things I wanted to do before Ramadan. Now it feels like a crushing weight of panic, trying to get everything in order, so I can concentrate on nothing more than worshipping Allah (SWT). I think this time I will not dwell on the details too much. If I didn’t get something done, that’s too bad. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. All I can do is try and take advantage of Allah’s mercy in this glorious month.

Honestly I question the path I am on right now. Ruled by my desires rather than what my mind tells me I think Ramadan couldn’t have sooner! It really couldn’t have! With all the changes that have taken place in the past 5 months, with all the fighting, confusion and responsibilities, I need a break. I just need to concentrate on myself. Trying to stretch myself thin for the people around me has just left me empty. I’ve made mistakes I thought I would never make. I’ve fallen in to such a deep hole. A couple of days ago, dying of shame sounded like something I could relate to. But that won’t solve anything, that won’t help anyone. I need to get back on track with what I was before this ‘chaotic mess’. I need to change.

Two Ramadans ago I was so strong, I was in a completely different place. I can’t even understand where or how I lost my way so badly.  All I know is, if I want to be that then I’m the only one who can make the change. I have to trust Allah to place everything in its right place. I might have failed miserably the tests that He has placed for me in the past few months, but it changes now. I’m going to do better, I will be better.

Someone important said, “Ramadan will set everything right”. So this is me letting it. Insha’allah I hope I am able to replenish my iman and strength. I’m so tiered of being tiered. I know I want to be alone, with Allah and no one else. I feel bad for craving that, because it means I don’t want the people who I’m suppose to love. But I can’t help but just wanting to be His, at least for awhile.