A Love Story



She lived in a world full of darkness,
He in a world of light,
She lived by her principles,
He by his Lord’s book.

She said I want to change,
He said it’s too risky,
She said please help me,
He said It would not be right,
She said I want Allah as my Lord,
He said by Allah I will help,
She said I bear witness,
He said now we are both His slaves.

She said I am alone,
He said take my hand,
She said I’m scared,
He said trust me,
She said I’m different,
He said I know,
She said I’m ugly,
He said not to me.

She said I was stupid,
He said I know,
She said I shouldn’t have been so naive,
He said I know,
She said please forgive me,
He said I already did,
She said I don’t deserve you,
He said be with me as long as you live.

She said I’ll always be alone,
He said not while I am here,
She said I can’t do this alone,
He said you don’t have to,
She said they will always hate me,
He said it doesn’t matter,
She said I will never be like them,
He said promise me never ever.

She said are you sure?
He said yes, forever,
She said it won’t be the same,
He said I don’t want it being anything but different.

She said you promised,
He said I’m sorry,
She said why should I stay,
He said because there is no one else for me,
She said I will forgive,
He said I will repent.

He said we will do this together,
She said yes together,
He said together for ever,
She said yes Insha’allah forever and ever.